Working Team

leonardo pietrafesa


Leonardo Pietrafesa

  • Architect and wine lover.
    He graduated from the University of Naples Federico II in 1983.
    He has been owner and manager of the company since 1998 and lives between London, Potenza and Barile.


Valentina Buscicchio Pietrafesa

  • Interior architect and decorator.
    She lives between London and Barile, and she leads the renovation projects underway at Tenuta le Querce and the design of its interior spaces, of both the private home and public areas of the winery.
leonardo valenti


Leonardo Valenti

  • Winemaker since 1994.
    Degree in Agricultural Sciences from the University of Milan in 1981.
    Lecturer of Viticulture and Oenology in the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Milan.


Isabella Ghiglieno

  • Graduated with a three-year degree in Viticulture and Oenology and a Master& Degree in Plant Production and Protection Sciences at the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Milan. She collaborates closely with Prof. Leonardo Valenti.

UK Sales Manager

Gabriela De La Concha

  • Born in California, she has lived in New York and Tokyo, and she currently resides in London. She holds a degree in Business Administration Marketing, Advertising & Promotion
    at PACE University in New York.

Cellar Master

Ilir Muka (aka Illy)

  • Born in Albania, he has lived in Barile for 25 years and works diligently in the wine cellar.