Art in the Estate

The new generation of the Pietrafesa family is passionate about contemporary art: they have dedicated part of their personal collection to the houses of the estate and have selected works by artists that are connected to Basilicata, such as Jose Ortega, a friend of Carlo Levi and student of Picasso, who was exiled by Franco’s Spain and developed his art over many years in Basilicata. While thriving in his Matera workshop, he created beautiful works of art in papier-mâché.

Masterpieces of Tenuta la Querce

Paintings, sculptures and frescoes

In the manor house of the Estate, which dates to 1823, there are important works in papier-mâché by Jose Ortega that reflect scenes inspired by the peasant world that the painter adored while in his exile in Matera and that reminded him of his own land.  These are passionate, colorful, and even a bit violent. The manor also exhibits numerous works in ceramic tile, which were inspired by nature.An enormous peasant scene on oil canvas is also on display, dominating the master suite.  It is a work of R. Manzo, an anonymous Lucan painter who was heavily influenced by the artists and the moods of the late nineteenth-and early twentieth centuries.

“Can a great work of art seize the applause of visitors? I've never seen anyone applaud the Mona Lisa``. Giacinto Cerone.

Works of Giacinto Cerone

Ceramic vase

The vase is a work by Giacinto Cerone, commissioned by the property in 2000 and made exclusively for Tenuta le Querce. It is one of numerous works by the same artist that are owned by the estate.

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Other works in the estate

Among the various works by Giacinto Cerone, a plaster triptych is on display in the dining room of the main house, representing the power of nature and of the vine, in particular. All of the works can be visited by appointment and may be accompanied by original photographs that document the artist’s work in situ. In the reception house, there are other paintings of Lucan landscapes created by southern Italian artists, and there are two frescoes on plaster, a hunting scene and a representation of love from the sixteenth century, which come from northern Italy. The labels of the newest wines of Tenuta le Querce will be inspired in part by the many works of art that are held at the estate.

“Wine is a mixture of mood and light”.
Galileo Galilei