Treasured Vine of Italy

Aglianico del Vulture DOC

Aglianico is a grape varietal known since ancient Greece. Sung by the Latin poet Orazio, it is cultivated on the slopes of the Vulture volcano. In fact, thanks to the volcanic nature of the land, fertile and rich in particular mineral elements, and to the presence in depth of tufaceous layers (visible in the cellar) that function as a reserve of water in the driest periods of the year and enhance the special microclimate of the territory, the carefully selected grape clusters allow for a structured wine, of great character and precious in its ruby color and complex aromas.

Memorial stone

Vigna della Corona

In 1998, during the restructuring of the estate, near an old vineyard, a memorial stone was discovered, with an engraved five-pointed crown and initials that refer to Giustino Fortunato, the original owner of the estate at the end of 1800.

Aglianico del Vulture DOC

Vigna della Corona

This wine is the pinnacle of the Aglianico range. The name derives from the discovery of a “cippus” on which a five-pointed crown was engraved. The grapes come exclusively from the vineyard of the same name on the estate.

An Ancient Vine

The Tamurro

The ancient “Tamurro” vine that has been handed down for generations was brought by a French feudal lord to Pietragalla (Pz) near Potenza, and discovered by the owner of the estate and his technical staff. Meticulous studies and the work of numerous winemakers have been fundamental in the replanting of this special vine.  It represents the recovery of a precious prize that the fertile land of Basilicata has left as an inheritance.

Table red wine

Tamurro Nero

Tamurro Nero is a tribute to the people and the tradition of Basilicata. This label takes its name from the ancient vine that was grown in Pietragalla and was formerly blended with other wines.